Places To Eat In Quebec City

Places to Eat in Quebec City

Looking for a wide range of modern cuisine options in a historic city with European charm?  Quebec City is your perfect destination!  From hip and trendy Italian, to country comfort food, to incredibly fresh seafood, this city is sure to please even the pickiest of foodies.

Even though I’m not a very picky eater, I have to say that the culinary scene here blew me away.  In the short weekend that I visited Quebec City, I was able to try 5 very distinct restaurants and cuisines that gave me a taste of what the city has to offer.

Bello Ristorante

Old Quebec City, Italian

Located just off of one of the main streets in Old Quebec is charming Bello Ristorante.  The food here is traditional Italian with a hint of unique Québécois style.  It is definitely an awesome Italian place to try out if you are in the mood for this cuisine!

What I love most about this location is the unique exterior charm in the front of the restaurant that is famous in Old Quebec, but then you step inside the restaurant and feel like you are in an upscale, trendy restaurant in the heart of a major city.  They even have a cute outdoor patio towards the back of the dining area.  It is like you’re being transported from one cool setting to another!

La Buche

Old Quebec City, Canadian Comfort Food

A sister restaurant to Bello, La Buche is a restaurant that boasts amazing Québécois dishes with a twist.  The decor in here is modern country and the food definitely matches the ambiance.  You can even eat in the middle of the kitchen and at a table that is front row to all the action!

La Buche serves unique dishes and desserts (which were OUTSTANDING) that are traditional to the region, but have modern twists making them stand out from other types of comfort food in the area.  I tried the famous Caribou drink here for the first time!

**For those who don’t know, Caribou is an amazing alcohol here that is part red wine, part whiskey, and part maple syrup.  It can be served hot or cold and is just as delicious as it sounds!**

La Korrigane

Quebec City, Microbrewery and Brasserie/Pub Food

In my opinion, a mark of a good city is that it has at least 1 microbrewery.  Located in an upcoming and trendy spot of town, La Korrigane in Quebec City was a really excellent spot to stop at after a long day of outdoor activities.  It is a perfect spot to kick up, relax, grab a cool beer, and eat some great pub food. 

Ciel! Bistro-Bar

Quebec City, Upscale French Cuisine

You really can’t beat the panoramic views of Quebec City as seen from the restaurant Ciel!, which is located on the top floor of Le Concorde Hotel.  The restaurant boasts some of the best views of the city because of the revolving floor that allows you to catch a glimpse at every angle while you enjoy your meal.

Expect to see “out of the ordinary” things on the menu here (i.e. no burgers and chicken tenders).  Veal cheeks (my favorite), kidneys, and escargot are no strangers to the menu.  Definitely save room for dessert too because they have some tasty selections!

Sushi/Seafood—Really any place...

Quebec City

The last notable mention of things that I tried in Quebec City was their sushi.  I’m a huge sushi fan and tried a couple of places as I was walking through the city and was pleasantly surprised how delicious it was.  With it’s close proximity to multiple bodies of water, Quebec City has some really fresh and amazing seafood that you must try while you’re there!


As previously mentioned, Quebec City has such a wide variety of cuisines and dining experiences that locals and visitors alike can eat and enjoy.  The city is full of so many more great food spots, so go out and explore!

*This trip was sponsored by the Quebec City Tourism Board. All opinions are my own.*

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