Cinque Terre Boat Tour

Cinque Terre Boat Tour with Angelo's Boat Tour

One of my most anticipated stops in Italy this summer was Cinque Terre, located along the scenic Italian Riviera coastline.  For years I had been seeing beautiful photos and hearing great things about the location. I knew had to stop there for a few days.

Boy, was everyone right... Cinque Terre might have been one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen in the world.  It is comprised of 5 small towns (hence the name: Cinque=5/Terre=lands) that are colorfully placed along the Northwest coast of Italy along the Riviera.

Cinque Terre is a region that is best seen by the sea.  Chances are that most of the breathtaking photos you have seen were taken from the seaside or in the water because of the striking, colorful views you get from this view.  Rows and stacks of colorful houses and ancient vineyards catch you at every corner.

Knowing that Cinque Terre should be seen from the water, I looked up some options of great local boat tours that would be able to deliver those remarkable views.  I came across one in particular that stood out to me—Angelo’s Boat Tour.  With the extremely reasonable price (135€ per person, which includes food/drinks/alcohol) and full day schedule, I booked it immediately without hesitation.

We met outside of the harbor in Monterosso al Mare (the northernmost town of Cinque Terre) at 11AM sharp.  Angelo was there with 2 boats prepared and a crew of men to help through the day.  From there, we set off into the Mediterranean Sea for a full day of boating.

The boats took us along the coastline where we were able to get amazing views of all 5 towns—Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.  During our time on the boat, they provided us with amazing snacks (I am still fantasizing about these delicious carrots they had that were marinated in God knows what savory concoction...) and Prosecco.  I’m definitely a fan of any tour that gives me prosecco on a boat at 11AM!

We cruised around taking in the views and learning about some of the history of the area.  For lunch, we stopped in Manarola where Angelo and the crew took us to a restaurant that served some awesome, authentic, fresh seafood.  There really isn’t seafood quite like the Italians prepare yummy!

After lunch, we stopped in at another shop for some limoncello.  We got distracted on the way back to the boat by some other visitors who were jumping from the high rocks (about 35-40 feet) into the water.  A little tipsy from my prosecco overload, I decided to face my fear of heights again and jump off those rocks!

**The climb up wasn’t too bad, but standing up there was much different. My prosecco-buzz wore off as soon as I got to the top and looked down.  It probably took me about a minute (or 3) until I finally jumped off—but I did it!  Unfortunately for me, I landed in a very awkward position since I was flailing the whole way down and I ended up with some pretty serious bruises on my butt for a few weeks... But—all in the name of work, right?!**

After we boarded the boat again, the crew took us to a lovely spot where we were able to jump in the water and swim around in the Mediterranean for a while.  The ocean was so blue and the water felt amazing.  We swam around for a bit before we set off back to Monterosso for the end of the tour.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Angelo’s Boat Tour and the staff that guided us around all day.  We got everything we wanted out of it—food, views, booze, and ocean!  It was the perfect way to see all of Cinque Terre in 1 day.  I highly recommend Angelo’s Boat Tour if you go to Cinque Terre.  Whether you’re alone, with a significant other, or with your family, it’s perfect for everyone!

Have you been to Cinque Terre? Comment below with your favorite part of your trip!

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