A New Kind Of Spa Experience

Siberia Spa: Quebec City's Outdoor Spa Experience

Who doesn’t love a relaxing day at the spa? After a day of rigorous exercise and activities in Quebec City, I was so ready to try out the Nordic Spa located just on the outskirts of the city center at Siberia Spa.

The Siberia Spa experience is based around the Scandinavian concept of thermotherapy where you alternate between hot, cold, and resting treatments in a natural and relaxing environment. The process is said to relax muscles, reduce stress, improve sleep, eliminate toxins, and strengthen the immune system.  *To put it in simpler terms, it can feel like the equivalent of having up to 3 massages...which is amazing...

When You Arrive

When you arrive at the spa you are given a key to your personal locker in the changing rooms where you change into your swimsuit.  Once you exit the locker room, you step out into a picturesque natural oasis located outside in the back of the building.  This spa is basically in the middle of a forest so there is nature and beauty all around.

*You are also asked to be silent while in the spa in order to promote relaxation for yourself and the rest of the guests.

The Process: Hot, Cold, Rest

There are different stations of hot, cold, and resting areas throughout the spa.  The team recommends that you use this process of intervals (hot, cold, rest) while moving through the spa.  The duration that you spend at each station is completely up to you! Just listen to your body and what feels comfortable for you.

For hot treatments, they have 6 outdoor hot tubs, a eucalyptus steam bath (my personal favorite!), an infrared sauna, and a Finnish-style sauna.  For cold treatments, they have cold baths with thermal falls (I only dipped into the cold water for about 2 seconds...) or a small dipping station at the river in the back. 

The resting stations included outdoor hammocks strung up between trees, a Yurt, Upe Pavilion, and Dream Lodge (this one had travel videos and soothing music in it) all with warm fires in the middle of the room to keep you nice and cozy.  There was also an indoor/outdoor igloo, which I was told changes with the seasons.

Who Should Go? When To Go?

I would recommend Siberia Spa to anyone (solo or grouped) who enjoys spa treatments and relaxation, couples, friends, athletes or athletic types.  They only allow adults (18+), except on select days of the weekend, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a family with young ones.

Siberia Spa is also open year-round! Since Quebec City has 4 distinct seasons, this could be an interesting place to see throughout the year with the nature constantly changing.

The Overall Experience

I was very impressed with the overall experience at Siberia Spa! The facilities were very clean, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and the treatment itself was so relaxing and soothing.  Listening to what your body needs is key to getting the most out of your time here.

The team at Siberia Spa is constantly looking to enhance the guest experience here, so they are looking to expand the grounds and even add in a restaurant/cafe lounge in the next year for guests to enjoy a nice meal while they are relaxing at the spa.  They also now offer other spa treatments in addition to the water treatments on the grounds.  I’ll definitely be going back to check this out in the future!

*Click HERE for more info on Siberia Spa

This trip was sponsored by the Quebec City Tourism Board. All opinions are my own.

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