About the City SIdewalks

The City Sidewalks is a travel and lifestyle blog written by the city-loving entrepreneur, Ana Dominguez.

Our aim is to help you dream, create, and live a life you've always wanted--whether that's through travel or building a business you love.

Whether you're a travel junkie looking to explore the world on your own terms, or you're an entrepreneur looking to grow your business so you have more freedom to travel, TCS is your ultimate online destination for resources, guides, and inspiration. 


After moving to Chicago in 2012 after college, I was given opportunities to travel globally for work and pleasure. I visited some incredible cities around the world in that time and discovered my passion for travel and exploration. It was like something inside of me had abruptly awoken. Suddenly, I wasn't ok with just going back into my '9-5 desk job' after my trips. I would come back into the office after my trips and feel an emptiness inside and a yearning for exploration and adventure. I realized I needed a creative outlet to filter all of my passions, which is how The City Sidewalks was born in 2014.

Adventure seemed to follow me wherever I went, so I continued to travel and follow my dreams. One day, I decided it was time to take a risk and really commit to those dreams. In January 2015, I took a huge leap of faith and left my lucrative, corporate sales job to pursue my creative passions full time. It's never easy to leave the comfort and security of something like that; but why would you ever want to live your life wondering "What If?"

*PS - If you're reading this because you're thinking about starting a blog and you're looking for inspiration, JUST DO IT! The biggest step you need to take is just starting, so go on with your bad self and start a blog today :) 

The city sidewalks today

After quitting the corporate world in 2015, I dove head first into the world of entrepreneurship without a clue of what I was doing. With a little bit of luck and a-whole-lotta hustle, I began building TCS into the fun-filled community that it is today. Along the way, I've partnered with some great companies and even had photos and other work featured on some pretty awesome travel sites.

Not only do I blog about travel, but my expertise now extends to coaching other bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses so that they can achieve financial freedom to travel the world on their own terms. I've created E-Courses, hosted webinars, and even opened up my services to 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

The goal of TCS is to share my knowledge and passion of travel, as well as help others dream, create, and live the life they've always wanted--whether that's through travel or building a business they love.

About Me

Ana Dominguez:  Creator + Editor of The City Sidewalks; traveler; blogging coach;  lover of all things artsy/creative/cultural; entrepreneur; professional foodie

Nationality:  100% Puerto Rican

Based In:  New York, NY & Chicago, IL

Favorite City:  Paris (I feel at home and alive here) with NYC in a close second

Languages:  Fluent-English & Spanish; Learning-French (I know all the bad words) & Italian

Favorite Food:  Pretty much anything Asian (Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean...give me all of it!)

Top Place on Travel To-Do List:  JAPAN (and Morocco, Spain, Brazil...sometimes it’s hard to choose one)

Ana Dominguez

 Random Facts:

  • I am happiest when I’m traveling, seeing beautiful cities, and meeting interesting people. I get antsy when I go more than 3 weeks without at least a 1-day trip.
  • I love burlesque and anything that creatively celebrates femininity.
  • Heights make me nervous, but I will face the fear as much as possible.
  • I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and anything from Tim Burton.
  • I’m fiercely independent and generally love traveling alone more than anything else. I like to take my time when I want, and I like to move fast when I want.
  • My biggest accomplishment to date was quitting my corporate job to take on my creative passions full time. I write/photograph/edit The City Sidewalks and provide consulting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses (advice in social media, sales, marketing, etc.).
  • I’m not really good at following rules or norms...

Best piece of travel advice:  Anyone can travel—it is easier than you think! It is all about saving money, spending wisely, and keeping your eye on the prize! I travel very cheaply and often because I try to eliminate frivolous spending from my daily life (not going out to eat/drink as much, taking public transit as much as possible, etc.). Keeping mood boards or pictures of your dream locations where you can see them every day helps too! : )

Best piece of blogging advice: Be consistent. No matter what it is that you do, be consistent with your work. It's the only way you'll improve and see results!

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