Indoor Skydiving in Chicago

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving with iFLY

A few days ago, my mom told me that she had a brunch surprise planned for me on a Friday at 9am. Not being a morning person, I rolled my eyes at the idea of having a wake up so early to go somewhere for “brunch” at that hour. My mind was blown when we drove up to what she actually had in store...

She had signed us up for an indoor skydiving session at iFLY Chicago, which is located just out of the city in Rosemont. I instantly thought, “Wow...I officially have the coolest mom ever!!”

Indoor Skydiving

Our indoor skydiving session started out with a quick training video and training session from our instructor. They show you the proper way to get in and out of the wind tunnel, the proper way to move your body around, and answer any other questions the students have. I went in knowing absolutely nothing and left being a total expert.


After the instructions, it was time to suit up and get in the tunnel. They provide you with your suit, goggles, helmet, and earplugs. A typical admission will get you about three 1-minute turns up in the wind tunnel with the instructor. However, you can pay a little extra and get 2-minute turns, which is what my mom and I did. It was so much more worth it to do the longer turns.


The experience was so exhilarating and fun. They even have a camera that takes pictures and videos of you while you are flying! I’ve never been skydiving (too afraid of heights), but indoor skydiving was just perfect for me. It was a great “brunch” treat from my mom to start off the weekend.

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