Flying Trapeze School in Chicago

Trapeze School in Chicago

This year I’ve been attempting to get out of my comfort zone with everything I do and expand my horizons. Think a la “Yes Man” where I try to say, “Yes” to things that I probably wouldn’t normally do. One of my adventurous girlfriends asked me if I wanted to do a flying trapeze class with her here in Chicago. Keeping true to my new mantra, I said, “YES!” We signed up for a class through the Trapeze School NY Chicago, which you can check out HERE.

Trapeze School Chicago

As someone who is a little nervous with heights, it was such an exhilarating feeling to try this new flying trapeze activity. I was put at ease by the fact that you are totally strapped in with a net beneath you and there are trained professionals all around.

The first jump, I totally freaked out and screamed the entire way. The sensation was so crazy and unnatural! But after a few tries, I got the hang of it. The instructors were so amazing and really helpful. They gave everyone step-by-step instructions for what to do at what time. You're totally safe and in good hands with them.

Trapeze School in Chicago
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The class lasted about 2 hours and we each got to go at least 5 times on the trapeze. Definitely wear comfortable clothing, longer pants (I wore yoga pants), and socks that cover your ankles and heels (some of the tricks can hurt if you don’t have this!).

It is such a fun activity to do in the city! In the summer, they even take the class outside and you get to do the tricks out in the fresh air. I'll definitely be going back again soon! See local classes and times for the trapeze school in Chicago HERE.

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