Water Rafting in Costa Rica


Water Rafting in Costa Rica

Water rafting in Costa Rica was one of the most epic adventures that my friends and I tried out while we were visiting Manuel Antonio. We went on a tour with the Amigos Del Rio (ADR), who was absolutely amazing with us!

Water Rafting - Amigos Del Rio

They picked us up at our location, drove us into the jungle, and got us all ready with our equipment by the river. They sat us 2 guests per raft with 1 guide in the back. My friend and I both hopped in the front seat so we could be fully engaged in the action! Our poor guide even ended up having to do most of the work while the 2 of us were in the front laughing, talking, not paying attention, or screaming!

water rafting in costa rica

The first thing that was so amazing about this adventure was taking in all of the gorgeous scenery that Costa Rica has to offer. The tranquility, beauty, and excitement that you feel while water rafting down the river were breathtaking and indescribable.


The second best thing was that they have a photographer who follows your group around and takes amazing action shots of you while you are on the adventure! You don’t even have to worry about taking any photos or bringing your camera along. Better than risking your phone or camera getting wet!

I totally recommend Amigos Del Rio for water rafting in Costa Rica! Check out their info HERE.

*All photos were taken by Amigos Del Rio photographer*