Packing Guide: 8 Things You Wouldn't Think To Pack, But Totally Should

8 Things You Wouldn't Think To Pack, But Totally Should

Being in Europe for 1 month (with only a carry-on) made me learn a lot about the essential things that I need during a trip and the things that I can leave behind next time.  There were some really random things that I packed that I didn’t realize I would be so thankful for later and I felt the urge to share it with fellow travelers!

Here is a list of the Top 8 things you would never consider packing (particularly on a trip abroad), but totally should. 

**I've updated this and added a few bonus ones at the end!**


Small Extension Cord

A lot of times when you travel, you find that electrical outlets are not as conveniently located as you would like them to be.  *Enter extension cord!* Now you are able to have things reach you as conveniently as possible.  I would try to opt for one that has more than 1 plug in case you need it.

I find this item most useful when I need to get ready in front of a mirror and have something plugged in.  Another useful instance is when you are using electronics while they need to be plugged in.



If you’re a light sleeper like me, this is an item that you will be thankful you left home with.  In Europe, we had to sleep with the windows open on multiple occasions when there was no air conditioning in our Airbnb apartments.  The streets of those busy cities rarely sleep, so it was so nice to have earplugs to sleep soundly! **They even come in handy with screaming children on planes.**



This seems obvious, but it was something I didn’t realize would give me so much peace of mind while traveling around.  Sometimes I like to be overly cautious and I would even lock up my things at the Airbnb apartments when we would leave to explore.  It made taking naps on trains less stressful too.



8.     Scarf

Having a scarf is a vital item that I will never travel without.  I use it as a fashion accessory, pillow, blanket, something to sit on at the park, and whatever else I need.  The best thing it to opt for one that is made from a comfy fabric and long enough so you can use it for whatever you want.


Cottonelle Flushable Wipes

After a long flight, hot day, or even just a day of walking around sightseeing, there is really no better feeling than freshening up and feeling clean again. 

I kept a small pack of these in my purse at all times in Europe and was so thankful to have them—especially when I would reach a restroom and realize there was no toilet paper.  And the fact that they are safe to flush was even better! It became my lifesaver on a few occasions...


More than 1 Adapter

When traveling abroad with multiple electronics, having more than 1 adapter is extremely helpful to be able to charge/use multiple devices at once.  Sometimes I had to have my camera charging while my computer was charging and I could only do this with having more than 1 adapter.  So much more convenient!


Mini Steamer (or Downy Wrinkle Releaser)

Hopping from city to city and constantly having to pack and re-pack can wreak havoc on your clothes.  I bought a mini travel steamer from Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago that has been my lifesaver in a wrinkly fashion emergency.  Downy Wrinkle Releaser is also another amazing product to have while traveling—and it even comes in a travel size!

$29.99 $79.99

Mophie Space Pack (or charging bank)

How I’ve gone so long without the Mophie Space Pack is a total mystery to me, but I’m obsessed with mine.  It adds an additional 16GB of memory (great for how many photos I take) and adds so much extra battery life.  Having this (or a phone charging bank) is so helpful while on the go because you don’t have to worry about your phone constantly running low on battery or memory.



Headphone Split

Traveling in Europe with my sister with a headphone split made both of our lives much more enjoyable. We were able to share devices and watch movies on our iPads or computers while having full sound.


Avène Thermal Water Spray (or Evian Water Spray)

Traveling can really do a number on your skin, so having this amazing spray can help to refresh and rejuvenate.  It was especially nice to have when the heat was unbearable.


Pillow Case

Sometimes the hotel or apartment locations didn’t have enough pillows or the pillow cases were...let’s just say they weren’t very good...  It was nice to have a little comfort from home to swap out or stuff smaller pillows in to make your own.


Coconut Oil

This is basically a gift from the Gods.  Coconut oil has so many uses that I could write an entire post on it.  Having a small travel size of this helps in any situation you can possibly imagine.

$10.36 $18.95

Do you pack similar items? Comment below with more great travel items to pack.

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