How To Spend A Day In Venice

How To Spend A Day In Venice

Street art, local performers, meatheads, artsy folk, skateboarders, weird pets, live music, weed shops... You see it all in Venice!

Venice is a fabulous beachfront neighborhood surrounding Los Angeles and is known for being super funky and unique. The minute you step foot in this quirky town, you’ll instantly feel the eclectic vibes that surround you.

But what happens if you’re only passing through for a day or staying for a quick weekend trip? No worries! I got you covered. I’ve planned a full day’s itinerary to get you seeing Venice (and more) in just 1 day! Here we go!


Step 1: Wake up early and rent a bike

This is hands down the best way to get around Venice for the day.  Plus, if you are up early enough (I recommend getting up early enough to be there when the bike shops open), you can take advantage of the full day discounted price that most bike shops advertise.

I rented my bike (with a lock and basket!) from Jay’s Rentals (1501 Ocean Front Walk) for a discounted rate of $18 for the entire day. And it is right on the Venice Boardwalk near the iconic Venice sign, so you can’t help but take a couple snaps while you’re there...

Step 2:  Bike the surrounding area to the Venice Canals Walkway

Once you get your bike, take it around the block a few times and then head straight to the Venice Canals. Once you’re there, hop off the bike and take a walk through the canals to check out the beautiful area and gorgeous homes.

The reason I suggest renting a bike early and heading straight to the canals is because people are either just starting their day or (if it’s the weekend) not even awake yet. You’ll have a great chance of having a quiet, peaceful stroll around the canals without any hustle and bustle.

Step 3:  Bike down Abbot Kinney Boulevard

From the canals, take your bike and head towards Abbot Kinney Boulevard. There is a reason why they say that Abbot Kinney is one of the trendiest streets in the world, and you’ll get why once you see it.

Abbot Kinney is a posh street that is full of boutiques and restaurants that are each cooler than the next. I suggest parking your bike along the sidewalk and taking a walk up and down the road to take in the scenery. Window shop, eat, drink, people watch, purchase clothes you can’t afford... Do it all!

Step 4:  Bike down towards Main Street in Santa Monica

Abbot Kinney will eventually lead you to Main Street that is in the heart of Santa Monica. From here, I suggest exploring Santa Monica for the afternoon and using Main Street or Pacific Avenue as your main paths to get from one end to the other.

Explore the area, have lunch, walk around, and do whatever you wish! This is an awesome area filled with boutiques, bars, and local spots to check out for the afternoon. But wherever you go, I suggest ending your trip biking towards the Santa Monica Pier. If you want, hop off the bike and walk down the pier to check out the views.

Step 5:  Bike from Santa Monica Pier back towards Venice

By now, you will be ending your day and will have hopefully reached the Santa Monica Pier before sunset. Once you’re at the pier, bike back south towards Venice to take in the amazing beachfront views.

*OR* if you want an even better experience, you can walk your bike down the boardwalk and be part of the action. If you don’t want to take all that time walking, then maybe consider doing half biking and half walking. Either way, you’re not going to be disappointed with ending your day right on the oceanfront.

Step 6:  Enjoy the sunset along the Venice Boardwalk

If there is one thing that California does right, it’s sunsets. If you haven’t seen a true California sunset, you are really missing out.

After you have had your wonderful day taking in Venice, treat yourself to the breathtaking views of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. *If you really want a special view, head to the roof top bar of the Hotel Erwin!

The pretty much sums up the best way to spend a quick trip to Venice, California. You’ll see some of the best that Venice has to offer, plus more along the streets of Santa Monica! Oh, and make sure you return your bike at the end of the day! :)

What are your favorite spots to see in Venice on a fast trip? 

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