How to Blend in as a New Yorker

How to Blend in as a New Yorker: 12 Tips to Look Like a Local

They say that after living in New York for 10 years, you can officially call yourself a New Yorker.

But what if you don't have that kind of time?! What if you're just stopping in for a quick trip and you just want to look and feel like a New Yorker? No worries--we've got you covered!

With a little help from some fellow travel bloggers, we've uncovered a few ways for you to look like a local in no time. Here are 12 tips on how to blend in as a New Yorker!


1. When in doubt, wear black

Black is the universal uniform in New York. It goes with everything and it instantly makes you look put together.  Plus, it looks chic as hell when it's pulled off correctly. Opt for head-to-toe black (i.e. shirt, bottoms, AND shoes) for the optimal NY-er look.


2. Don't get on an empty subway car

"A crowded subway train pulls into the station, but one car is empty...No matter how tempting it is. Don't get in an empty subway car...unless you're interested in breathing in the foulest stench in creation. Trust me, it's empty for a reason. We're all not smushed into the other cars just so new passengers can grab a seat." -- Jackie from The Globetrotting Teacher


3. Get out of the way

"To blend in, one must basically get out of the way. None of the standing in the middle of the street staring at the fab buildings. Get out of the way. Bit brutal maybe." -- Sarah from The Sarah Story 


4. Weekends are for Brunch

Brunch is a New York institution. No calendar week is complete without brunch. From boozy, to classy, to al fresco, to kid-friendly, NYC does brunch right and you cannot miss it. If you can make reservations somewhere, that's great; but be warned that you will probably have to wait on line for the best of the best places. Just don't go to a chain restaurant...


5. Master the art of ordering a bagel

"Learn to master the art of ordering a bagel. Know what you want beforehand, order with confidence, and then get the hell out of the way. Bagels are a very sacred thing in New York and they must be respected (and then appropriately devoured, of course!)" -- Stacy from Adventure Stacy


6. Don't wait for the crosswalk signal

"It is okay to cross the street when there are no cars coming, no need to wait for the signal to change to walk." -- Chanel from Cultural Xplorer


7. Walk with purpose

It is easy to spot the tourists in the city because of how slow and aimlessly they walk. They often walk side-by-side (crowding up the sidewalks) and think the streets of NYC are for leisurely strolls. Nope--not here. Leisurely strolls are for the park, not the sidewalks of this city. Look straight ahead and walk with intention if you want to blend in.


8. Know your food order ASAP

"Always know your order (sandwiches, pizza, bagels, coffee) before you get to the front of the line. And don't order ranch dressing." -- Brittany from Travel Write Away


9. Try not to touch the subway pole with bare hands

"You don't touch the pole in in subways with your bare hands. Instead, wear gloves, or just lean on the doors like a local. ...It's a vector of disease." -- Lance from Travel Addicts


10. Attend free leisure and fitness activities

Despite what most people think, not everything in New York is always expensive. There are actually a ton of amazing *free* things to do throughout the year. Weather permitting, there are free concerts, fitness lessons, and shows in many of the parks around the city. Check out Shakespeare in the Park or do free yoga with Solstice in Times Square. **I'm also a HUGE fan of classes with Yoga to the People. It is a donation based studio, and the classes are fantastic.


11. Use apps to plan ahead

"Know where you're going before you leave. Get Google Maps on your phone and use the transit directions. Even if you have to look at your phone to get directions while walking, do not stop!" -- Eva from Eva Explores 


12. Stand here, walk there

"Stand to the right, walk on the left on escalators. No lollygagging." -- Kristin from Souvenir Finder 


What are ways that you blend in while you're traveling? Comment below with your travel tips to look like a local!

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