Happy New Year 2015!

Chicago at New Year

Happy New Year to all! May your new year in 2015 be as sparkly and gorgeous as my city! - Chicago, Illinois

Whenever a new year begins, it is inevitable that we tend to reflect on the year that just ended.  2014 was a great year for me in terms of new beginnings and learning experiences.  I created and developed The City Sidewalks from scratch, traveled to amazing places all over the world (from Paris to Athens to Montreal), met some wonderful people who made huge impacts on my life, and closed some other chapters in my life.  The entire year was leading up to the beginning of this new year in 2015.

I'm so excited for the things to come in 2015--both personally and professionally.  One of my biggest goals with The City Sidewalks in the new year is to start providing more value to our readers and followers.  So definitely be on the lookout this year for some great, new posts!  I also foresee some big changes in my career for this new year that everyone will have to stay tuned to--but they are all good changes!  I would love to travel more to some exotic places I have never been (perhaps Southeast Asia or Istanbul) and continue to meet and network with interesting people around the world.

I truly hope that the new year in 2015 looks just as bright for you! If you're looking for a great way to kick start your new year, something that I always love doing is creating a mood board for the year ahead. The mood board is a collection of images you can put together for both your professional and personal goals. You can do this easily by searching the internet for images of things you want or are trying to work towards. Once you're done, print it out and put it up in your home or desk!

Cheers to 2015 and the new year! Let's work for a truly amazing year!