Adventure Park in Costa Rica

adventure tour in costa rica

Adventure Park in Costa Rica with ADR

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a wee bit (ok... kind of a lot) scared of heights. When I signed up to take a Costa Rican adventure vacation, I knew that something with heights was going to be involved. On our second adventure day, I was told that we were going to be doing some kind of jungle adventure. “Jungle adventure?!” I thought. I had no idea what was in store... I put my brave face on and decided to face this day with courage. (Check out my face and how brave I look!)

beginning of adventure tour

We did the Adventure Park Tour with ADR (same company as the water rafting tour) and it was definitely money well spent. The tour guides who led us on the adventure trip picked us up bright and early at our villa and drove us into the mountains. About halfway up the mountain, we switched vehicles going from a large van to a huge open-window SUV because the terrain was so bumpy. Suffice to say, it was so much fun because we were hanging off the back enjoying the crazy ride with our crew while taking in the view.


When we got to a stopping point, we got out of the car and the guides walked us through the jungle while explaining interesting facts about the wildlife around us. It was so peaceful (at this point) to take in all of the beauty of the nature. The sounds, the smells, the views... It was all stunning! PURA VIDA!

adventure tour in costa rica
adventure tour in costa rica

We arrived at the campsite and they gave us all of our equipment for the day—harnesses, helmets, gloves, etc.—and we were off! They led us through a well-designed trail that had different activities at each stop. They had set up ziplines, repelling, waterfall exploring, Tarzan swings, and even ziplines that you go over the water and then unhook yourself and fall in! I totally conquered my fear of heights this day! It wasn’t too bad for me, and the fun experience made it all worth it.

adventure tour in costa rica
adventure park tour
adventure tour costa rica

One of the best parts of this tour was the team that led us through the day. They were really good at explaining how to do everything (and do it safely), very educated on Costa Rica and the location, super funny and nice, and very accommodating to everyone’s needs. They even had an awesome photographer who followed us around all day to capture all the moments. This was a great 1-day activity and I recommend it for anyone who loves adventure or wants to try something out with a group or their family (plus they feed you at the end of the day). Wear comfy shoes and clothes!

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*Most photos this day were taken by the ADR photographer.