5 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

5 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

Traveling = escaping from all normal health rules...right??  Eat all the food/desserts you want (yes.), veg out the whole time (I dig it...), and booze until the sun comes up (maybe this isn't such a bad idea).  Well... While all of this definitely sounds like a fun time, you'll probably be suffering the consequences once you get home.

A couple of years ago after a trip, I ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection when I got home because I was not choosing healthy habits while traveling. Something as simple as remembering to drink water had skipped my mind and ended up putting me in a bad situation later. For this reason, I developed a list of tips for staying healthy while traveling that I always abide by now.

Here are 5 Healthy Travel Tips that you can use while venturing around to keep you feeling your best!

1.  Drink Water (and then more water!)

If you only take away 1 thing from this listicle (yes, a list+article) let it be this tip! DRINK WATER! And when you think you have had enough, drink more!  I used to make this mistake often, which is what put me in the hospital after a trip one time.

So many things dehydrate us when we are traveling from the airplane environment, to walking around for long periods of time, and even drinking alcohol.  It is so important to constantly drink water to replenish and cleanse your system.  It will freshen up your skin, make your body feel great, and give you energy.  

I usually buy a water bottle at the airport and just constantly refill it with filtered or safe-to-drink water.  You can even pack your own if you want to!  It is a good constant reminder to be drinking up your H2O.

2.  Get Enough Rest

I am an absolute sleep enthusiast.  In the middle of all your travel adventures, it is so important to remember to get your proper rest.  Whether that's the typical 6-8 hours or whatever works for you, just remember to do it!  It will give you more energy to enjoy everything you're doing!  Personally, I have to get at least 8 hours a night in order to feel like I'm firing at all cylinders.  

I'm also a huge fan of naps.  Travel is a time to unwind and disconnect, so make sure you are taking some time to rest.  Don't try to push your body to limits that are unrealistic.  Even a 20 minute nap will do the body wonders!

3.  Be Active

It is so easy to just veg out on the lounge chairs or couch the entire time when you are on vacation--and you absolutely should...in moderation. If you are trying to stay healthy while traveling, just remember to stay active on a daily basis.

There are so many ways to be active while traveling.  You can get outside and walk around to explore (my personal favorite)!  You can YouTube easy workout videos (I love yoga videos).  You can even pack small workout tools that won't take too much space, like resistance bands.  Get creative with how you like to stay active!

*Other 'Be Active' Tips:  go on a jog to explore, take a free workout class (a lot of gyms offer at least 1 free first-time class), utilize the hotel's gym, rent bikes, go for a swim in the pool/beach, etc.

4.  Choose Healthy Foods (and A.B.S.)

Healthy food rules are probably the first to go out the window while traveling.  I can't even count how many times we just say, "Oh, I'll work it off when I get home!"  However, eating healthy while traveling is probably one of the easiest things you can do in order to stay healthy while away from home, and it will keep your body from getting sluggish on you.  

A good balancing act is the key here.  If you are going to indulge in one meal, maybe take it easy and eat something lighter for the next meal.  Another great tip is to go to the local markets or grocery stores to buy fresh produce and eat that for meals or snacks...

Which brings me to one of my new favorite travel acronyms: A.B.S. -- Always Bring Snacks.  I learned this from my boyfriend (who has seen how hangry I get when I don't eat) who makes sure to never leave the house without something healthy to munch on.  It is a great way to keep healthy while on the go and keep your metabolism going throughout the day. A.B.S.!!

5.  Wash Your Hands & Sanitize

Never underestimate the power of WASHING YOUR HANDS and keeping a good travel-sized hand sanitizer close by.  While I tend to disagree with the extreme measures of sanitizing/cleansing travel practices (like wearing a mask, aggressively wiping down every surface you come in counter with, etc.), I definitely stand by the importance of washing your hands and keeping small sanitizing gels/wipes around.  

I don't think I need to go into depth about how or why you should wash your hands.  It keeps you and others healthy.  I always travel with a small pack of hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes too just in case there is not any accessible water/soap available when I need.

And one extra tip...

6.  Moisturize!

Our skin goes through a lot of stress while traveling.  The best way to keep it fresh and looking good is to keep it moisturized.  Invest in a good moisturizer (most come in TSA approved sizes these days) and make sure you are applying it night and day.


What are ways that you like to stay healthy while traveling? Comment below with other tips!

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