20 Travel Careers to KEEP Your Job and Travel

20 Travel Careers to KEEP Your Job and Travel

We've all heard about how great it is to quit your job and travel; but what if quitting your job just simply isn't a possibility?

Don't worry... You're not doomed to sit behind a desk for the rest of your life (unless you're comfortable with that). There are plenty of other options to stay fully employed while still traveling. Here are 20 travel careers that will allow you to keep your job and still travel.

1. Consultant or Entrepreneur 

Do you have a skill or passion that you can create a business around? Do it! When you work for yourself, you are in complete control of when and where you travel or live. The flexibility will allow you to work remote and travel around if you choose. You are also in complete control of how much money you can make!

2. Join a Company That Has International Offices

If you haven't already, consider joining a company that has international offices. Most companies that have a global presence are often lenient to letting you work from other offices as long as you still complete your responsibilities. Just ask your supervisor or Human Resources if you aren't sure.

3. Digital Nomad

Similar to being a consultant or entrepreneur, being a digital nomad allows you to freely work wherever you want in the world. Become a graphic designer, website developer, or anything else that will allow you to take on clients virtually.

4. Travel (or Fashion, Lifestyle, etc.) Blogger or Vlogger

Interested in traveling the world and sharing your experiences on your own platform? Become a Travel Blogger or Vlogger (Video Blogger)! Very successful bloggers can enjoy perks such as free/paid trips, brand sponsorships, complimentary clothes/gifts, and more. Keep in mind though: it's a very small percentage of bloggers who get these perks and definitely not everyone. *Want to start a Travel Blog today? Click HERE!

5. Destination Wedding Photographer

If you're a skilled photographer, consider tapping into the wedding industry by becoming a Destination Wedding Photographer. You will be able to combine 2 passions for the price of 1: travel and photography!

6. Freelance Anything

Become a freelancer and have the opportunity to travel whenever you want. You can be a writer, photographer, designer, or anything else that requires creative services. There are a number of publications and websites who are always looking for freelancers to provide written and visual works. Once you do enough work, you can even charge top dollar!

7. Instructor or Teacher

Teach yoga, scuba, surfing, skiing, or whatever other activities that you are good at! But being an instructor doesn't have to be limited to physical activity. Do you have a skill that people would pay money to learn? Maybe you know how to code, how to scrapbook, or how to shoot videos. You can set up an online course or academy with programs such as Teachable or CourseCraft to virtually teach your skills and get paid for it!

8. Flight Attendant

If you love flying and don't mind being away from home a lot, consider becoming a flight attendant. You'll get to fly around the world while simultaneously being paid for it!

9. Tour Guide

Travel companies are always looking for qualified individuals to become tour guides. Learn everything you can and become an expert on the place you want to guide. If you speak multiple languages, you'll have a leg up from the other candidates too!

10. English Teacher

Go abroad and teach English as a foreign language. Many countries will pay top dollar for native English speakers to come and teach at their schools. Programs such as TEFL.com are a good place to start searching for ways to do this.

11. Au Pair

If you love working with kids, become an Au Pair! The Au Pair Program is a cultural exchange program where families will host you in return for you caring for their children. There are many families abroad that will pay both long and short-term contracts. Apply for the program and see where the opportunity could take you!

12. Work On Board a Cruise Ship or Yacht

Take an adventure aboard the high seas. Join the crew of a cruise ship or yacht and experience life on deck. You'll see places all over the world without having to pay to get there.

13. Camp Counselor

Another option to work with kids: become a camp counselor! There are camps all over the world that require qualified counselors every year. You can stay local or travel abroad to a camp in Europe or Australia. This could be a good option if you're looking for something more temporary.

14. Travel Nurse

If you are an experienced nurse, consider becoming a travel nurse. There are plenty of programs, such as TravelNursing.org, that help connect you to employers who are in need of nurses all over the world.

15. Translator

Put your knowledge of speaking multiple languages to good use and become a translator. Government agencies, travel companies, and other organizations who are looking to become more global are in constant need of great translators. If you have really strong reading, writing, and speaking skills in another language, you should really consider this.

16. Outside Sales Rep

This is how I started traveling so frequently! Become an outside sales representative and literally get paid to travel and see your clients. Try and find an opportunity within your company first. If that isn't an option, then find another company to work for that does offer a good outside sales role. If you're good at sales, those skills are transferable anywhere. 

17. Virtual Assistant

Work for other entrepreneurs, start-ups, or business people and become their virtual assistant. VA jobs are on the rise with so many companies looking to cut employee costs wherever possible and hire people who are remote. This is a great opportunity for you to live or travel wherever you want and still be paid for your work!

18. Peace Corps

Join the Peace Corps if you're interested in volunteering while seeing the world. There are a ton of benefits to joining the Peace Corps too besides the good feelings of volunteering. You can get loans deferred, have all of your living and housing expenses paid for, and even have easy access to transitioning into another job when you go home. Check out PeaceCorps.gov for more information.


You can be part of WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and you will be able to exchange farm work for house and other living expenses. This is a good option for people who want to have a local experience in a countryside setting. It might be a bit slower paced than the fast city life, but you might have the chance to travel around when you aren't working. 

20. Bartend

Skilled at pouring the drinks all night long? That's definitely something you can take with you when you travel. Due to the job's natural turnover, bartenders are almost always in high demand. Try to find gigs at hotels, lounges, restaurants, bars, clubs, or cafes. If you speak multiple languages, that's even better!

What are other travel jobs you are interested in learning more about?

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