The Beer Festivals of San Diego

The Beer Festivals of San Diego

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San Diego is a beautiful city on the Californian Pacific coast that boasts a ton of beaches, parks, and other interesting attractions. It’s home to a number of communities and towns worth visiting, regardless if you’re on a budget or traveling luxuriously. La Jolla is just one example of a perfect (and affordable!) getaway.

With everything that this coastal city has to offer, San Diego attracts a variety of travelers, but those who enjoy a cold pint after a long day will take solace in some of the events we are about to cover in this article.

San Diego is the place to be for a good ol’ beer festival, and what’s even better is that it has events that span the entire year. The best thing about these festivals is that they take on various themes, some featuring rock music and others pairing their beers with tater tot dishes. And because the climate in San Diego is so great, it means that people attending the festivals can enjoy the Californian weather, blue skies, sunshine and some totally unforgettable IPAs along the way. 


Here are some of the most interesting beer fests to take place in San Diego during 2017:


San Diego Winter Brew Fest - February 18

Delight yourself in local craft beers from California and beyond. Over 30 breweries will be at the event, and for exclusive tastings, you can opt for the VIP Session that includes a special Venissimo cheese and beer pairing offer, available to a limited number of guests. It’s a one-day only event that supports Outdoor Outreach and the San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA). Who wouldn’t want to have beer in aid of a cause charitable cause?


Rock Star Beer & Music Festival - March (exact date TBA)

If you’re a fan of rock, you won’t want to miss out on this touring festival. With origins in Las Vegas, Rock Star Beer & Music Festival is one of the most popular and loved beer events across America, taking place in multiple cities to cater to the ever growing attendance. The festival serves up unique craft beers and showcases established musicians and newcomers to the scene.


Santee Street Fair & Craft Beer Festival - May (exact TBA)

Usually occurring over Memorial Day Weekend, the Santee Street Fair & Craft Beer Festival is an affair for all ages, with the fair showcasing the work of local artists. There’s also a carnival that’s sure to entertain the kids and adults alike, and plenty of food to indulge in after. And for the grown-ups (or those that are over 21), they can have a couple of pints of craft beers in between the rides.


Heroes Brew Fest - July (exact date TBA)

Anyone who has been to San Diego Comic Con has probably heard of this comic-themed extravaganza known as Heroes Brew Fest. It combines comic book heroes and craft beer so successfully that this is an event you really shouldn’t miss out on. The popularity of the likes of Marvel and DC in recent years has breathed life back into the world of comics. This has resulted in new demographics becoming interested in comic books and everything associated with them, including film, video games and even the likes of Heroes Brew Fest as a result of this resurgence. Leading gaming site Pocketfruity shared an interview with comic book character designer Tyler Davis where he documented, “What was once shrugged as immature or fantastical escapism is now lauded by millions.” Thus, you should expect a wide range of people, who previously wouldn’t have thought about attending a comic-related event, at Heroes Brew Fest this year. It’s immense popularity means you should book your tickets early so you don’t miss out.

Catch a sneak peak of San Diego Brew Fest right below:

Will you be attending any of these events? Or have you attended them in the past? If so, let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.

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