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A Learning Experience with Tieara Myers

Tieara Myers, aka "The Boss Lady", is an inspirational female force that I recently met in Chicago.  I was intrigued when I heard her say that she was a sex-positive writer and modern day psychic for body, soul, and life wellness.  When I started speaking with Tieara, I was drawn to the overwhelming positive energy she had around female empowerment and showing people that they can make transformations in their lives to live abundantly and fully.  I nicknamed her "The Boss Lady" because of her inspiring messages behind female empowerment and the awesome #BossLady 30-Day Challenge (starting next week on February 23!) that she has created.


The Boss Lady says, “You CAN have it all!”

"The way my business is set up is more of a teaching platform instead of an establishment. I have always naturally felt like a teacher, even when I was growing up. I have always wanted to teach because I know that there are ways in which I live my life that other people can too.


Everything I do is about empowering, transformation, and growth in a person’s life. The ways that I do this can be through my blog and my writing, any sort of psychic readings I offer, or through the classes and/or webinars. Ultimately they are all set up to inspire growth and change. For people to really see that they can transform their lives, it just takes a shift in what they think about.


A lot of the writing on my site is inspiring and has messages like, “You can have love!” One specific example was during New Year’s where the message was connecting with yourself and realizing that all of the things you want are actually already part of you. So you don’t necessarily have to say, “I want that!” when referring to a certain transformation because you already have it. It’s now just about bringing it out. It’s a whole new way of thinking about yourself and taking some of the pressure off of trying to be that perfect image—because you already are."

“Act as if you already are.”

Female Empowerment – Be YOU and own it!

"There is something really special about being a woman and being in tune with your desires and passions. I have given myself so much permission to live my life and to be a woman to the extreme if I choose to. I can be a woman, a sexual woman, a spiritual woman, a sexual spiritual woman, a psychic, and so on. I want to share this message that everyone can totally have this and I work with people to show them that they have this ability.


Seeing the transformation that happens with other women when they have this breakthrough is amazing because their spirit starts showing through in a beautiful way. The work is pivotal and profound. It sometimes takes a long while to understand, but from the outside looking in, I can see it right away. As a woman, going through breakthroughs like these are so important.


There is a way that a woman can exist in the world that is often judged. Women can often feel like they have to be super aggressive, dominant, or somewhat like a man in certain fields if they want to win at life. What I want to inspire is that you don’t. Women really don’t have to! You can certainly tap into it if you want to; but as a woman, if you are really being in your feminine energy, being yourself, and being your expression of a woman, it is actually easier!


Some women aren’t in their power for whatever reason. Some women get knocked down at a young age and can’t recoup. Some can’t find that energy—or they try to and it’s not really there. Whatever the case is, I think it is so important to remind a woman of how powerful she is and how that power can transform her life. She just has to tap into it, or tap back into it."


Benefits of Owning Your Female Energy – The World Is Yours

"The benefits of tapping into your female energy are really anything you want! You can use it in love, friendships, growth, business, to gain clients, and so on. It is not necessarily an external thing. It is more internal and people might not see it, but they will notice a shift. The shift is you tapping into your spirit of who you are and being a woman. You can bring things to you as long as you are open to receiving them, which is another part.


For me, the first time I really experienced it was an instance that, for a long while, I just wanted to meet someone and I really wasn’t meeting anyone. I walked into a bar one day and I finally really tapped into that female energy. I dressed up, walked in by myself, and went to play pool. All of a sudden, there was this person who walked over and was just hypnotized the whole time! They were complimenting me so much and I finally realized that I was getting what I had always wanted. It was finally happening and I was really tapped into my feminine side.


I realized that it’s not just about the way that I dress, but it is also about my energy and my strength as a woman. It is a very specific energy and I think people really feel it when they are in it. It’s that voice that is saying, “Oh my god, I am so girly!” and it is very attractive. It can attract a partner to you or anything you want for as long as you want."


Transformation – It CAN happen quickly

"The thing with transformation is that it can happen quickly. It doesn’t have to take 3, 5, or more years. Some transformations can even happen in an hour—it just depends on if you’re ready for it.


With my business and what I do, people come to me and tell me they are stuck, that there is this thing and it’s not working, or they don’t know what to do next. Often times, everyone really knows the answer and it is just a matter of maybe needing some extra validation (or me saying “hi” to their spirit) to get clarity. Whether I do it through readings, challenges, or any of my other offerings, I help them take that first or next step for transformation.


With any reading I do, it is audio recorded with a deliverable PDF as well, which is great because people learn or understand in different ways. I’m also offering 3 days of access to me afterwards if clients want to reach out with other questions or clarification. I also do energy work and energy healings, which can help to move any sort of stuck energy if something is in the way. I will only do this if the person wants it and if they are ready for it."


**Another important piece of transformation for people to see and understand is that the things that they admire about their role models are already within them. When you start to see this, you can begin to transform and change, but you have to take the steps. You can’t just sit there and expect to transform. You have to take the steps. It doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes, there actually might only be 1 thing to change or update, and that starts the transformation process. **


#BossLady 30 Day Challenge

How it started:

A lot of my ideas tend to come about because of what happens around me. Usually what happens is I go through a transition and then am inspired to help people go through the same transition.


Right now, I am trying to be my own boss in business. I did a lot of research and did not see a community where women can have their own space and support to be bosses of their lives and owning it. The #BossLady Challenge came about through 2 parts: experience and lack of this type of community. I want to help women take that next step and inspire them! There are plenty of women who want to be their own boss, but then there is a difference between being a boss being a “Boss Lady.” You are a boss AND you are a lady!


What it is and what to expect:

A lot of people think being a “Boss Lady” is aggressive, masculine, and powerfully assertive, and that is not the emphasis that I am putting on it. Again, the emphasis is that you are a boss and you are a lady. You can have grace. You can move to the top. You can have boundaries. You can be creative, passionate, and have desires. You can break ground—and you can do it as a lady! You can have grace through the whole thing!


The 30-day challenge is about women moving from not quite knowing what to do or how to do it, to understanding where they need to transition or change over those 30 days. At the end, they will be able to define (in their own terms) what does “Boss Lady” mean to them, what does it look like, what is their own personal style, what are boundaries that they have not reinforced, where can they say no, where can they say yes, and a lot more of digging really deep into that feminine energy. It is definitely a challenge, but very worth it.


It will be very interactive with various things like Twitter parties, Facebook Q&As, forums to share success stores or hardships, and more. There will even be activities like exploring your “naughty side”, discovering your role models, and even giveaways!


When and where to sign up:

The challenge starts on February 23rd, 2015.  To sign up, click HERE



No cost! It is totally free!

Great candidates for the challenge:

The challenge can range from anyone that is running a business or starting a business (because it incorporates business and life) to people who want to take their career to the next level or maybe want to leave their job and be their own boss. It is for the women who want to take charge of their own lives by stepping into the life they really want to live instead of being dictated by someone else’s expectations. It is about shifting from being an “employee of your life” to being the “boss of your life.”


Tieara Myers is planning on offering a number of other workshops, webinars, challenges, and classes through the year.  Stay tuned to her website for more information! *One of the upcoming workshops is called "The Desire Project," which sounds amazing and indulgent (in a good way because she told me I could eat a lot of chocolate if I wanted!).

Check out her website HERE

To sign up for the #BossLady 30 Day Challenge, click HERE

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